Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the rules & regulations for the competition?

Please visit for a full list of rules & regs for the competition (available November).

How many bar team members can participate?

For your application, including recipe/concept creation and bar team video, you can involve as many bar team members as you want! The finalist bars must choose 2-3 team members to represent the wider team at the finale.

When it comes to producing and posting a bar team video, will my team be judged on the quality of the video or just the contents? Shooting a good quality video can be quite expensive.

We want the competition to be as fair as possible and will only be judging the video based on its contents, not on quality or editing. Filming with a GoPro or phone will be sufficient, no need for expensive gear and editing!

For the actual submission itself, will every bar be required to post a video to social media?

In order for your video to be considered, it must be uploaded to one or more of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, youtube.

We don’t have any social media pages for the bar, how are we supposed to post the video?

If this is the case, you can upload your video to youtube by easily creating an account and share the link with your application.

Will there be a deadline date for posting the videos on social media? How will this deadline correspond to the menu feature for one month?

Competition opens on 7th Jan and the last day for entries and video postings is 4th Feb. As soon as you submit your entry, the 4 week countdown begins – for example, if you submit your entry on 7th Jan, the 4 week period will end on 4th Feb. If you submit your entry on 4th Feb, the 4 week period will end on 4th March. You will be mystery shopped in your 4th week.

If we need to purchase a case of a Lucas Bols Global Brand to enter the competition, does it need to be all the same Lucas Bols Global Brand product? For example, could we purchase 6 bottles of two different Global Brands and use them together for their signature serve?

You can purchase any combination of products you want, as long as they are available in the bar to order your cocktail during the 4 week period.

Does it need to be a Bols product that has a regular listing, or can we special order a Bols product specifically for this competition?

It can be a regularly listed product or a special order, depending on your cocktail.

Will the scoring categories be the same in both round 1 and round 2?

Yes, both rounds of competition will use the same scoring categories and weight.

Will we have to pay to attend the finale?

No, your flights, accommodation, and expenses will be covered for the duration of the 3 competition days (18/19/20 June 2019). Accommodation has been booked for one week so If you choose to come earlier or stay later just let us know and we can book your flights accordingly! However, you will need to cover additional expenses for non-competition days.

My bar is small and cannot send 3 bartenders to the finale, can we send 1 or 2 instead?

You must send a minimum of 2, maximum of 3 team members to attend the finale. If only 1 can attend, you will not qualify for the finale.

If we get a spot in the finale, what will our team be required to do as part of the competition while in Amsterdam?

The finale will happen on a street in the heart of Amsterdam, where each finalist bar team will take over their own bar, serving the cocktail and concept that got them a place in the finale. More details will be shared with the finalists in April.

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